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A massive part of BeanBlock is Play! We hope our play areas will keep your little ones busy long enough for you to get a couple of hours peace to enjoy your coffee and cake (or maybe even glass of wine/G&T 😉).


Our play areas have been custom designed, manufactured and fitted by SAB Carpentry and Tiger Play  ensuring compliance with play industry standards for safety, as well as superb physical and imaginary play with special thanks to the BNA Charitable Foundation for their contribution. We love seeing child-parent interaction and you can expect your visit to BeanBlock to consist of lots of imaginary coffee drinking… We serve the real stuff as well, don’t worry! 


What age is the play area for?

Our play areas are specifically designed to engage and challenge children aged 6 months-7 years. However, children over the age of 7 are welcome to use the play structures responsibly to help/play gently alongside the younger children.  


Is there an entry fee? 

We charge for children aged 1-7yrs - this charge will be added to your food and drink bill payable at the end of your time with us. We have discounts available for families with more than 2 children and twins. Babies under 1 are free and children attending classes at BeanBlock will have their play fee waived for the play before/after class.

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